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NGYFA News - Thu, Jul. 14, 2016

Local photographer offers great deals to local parks throughout the NGYFA!

What started out as a fun hobby several years ago is now a passion and a part time business for Mike Mingus, owner of Peach State Digital.  Mike's grandchildren, Mason and Mia Mingus have always been very active with youth sports including football, wrestling, softball, soccer, and volleyball.  Mike was determined to not let a game or match pass without getting some photos of the action.  Friends and family started noticing the photos and began asking Mike to try to get some shots of their favorite athletes too. 

A couple of years ago Mike's grandson was playing on the same NGYFA team with Former NGYFA Commissioner Colt Green's son, so Mike asked Colt for permission to go down on the sidelines during the games and get action shots of all the players on their team.  Mike made these photos available free to the league and to the parents of the players on the team.  Social media was the perfect way to distribute these photos as well.  This resulted in even more people noticing the photos and asking Mike to be sure to get photos of their favorite player.

After thousands and thousands of action shots and several new state of the art cameras and sports lenses, Mike decided to turn his hobby into a business and offer sports action shot photography services to the public.  Peach State Digital was born!!  The next year Mike approached the NGYFA about becoming the exclusive action shot photographer for some of the parks affiliated with the league.  Last year Peach State Digital had agreements with five NGYFA parks and this coming season Mike hopes to see that number grow.

Peach State Digital specializes in player-focused action shot photography packages for the NGYFA parks they have agreements with.  For a very affordable price Mike will come to your park and focus on just one particular player or cheerleader throughout an entire game.  The player-focused action shot package includes a guaranteed minimum of 15 extremely high resolution action shots, however they typically deliver 30-40 or even more photos of the player or cheerleader.  The photos are delivered on a photo CD to the customer via US Mail.  These photos can be used for full sized bedroom wall art (fat heads), enlarged for printing, or just about anything the customer wants.  And Peach State Digital rebates an agreed upon percentage of all sales back to the parks where the photos were taken.

If your park would like to offer player-focused action shot packages to the parents and family members of your NGYFA players, give Mike at Peach State Digital a call to discuss an agreement with your park.  Call 678-227-2111  or email Mike at [email protected].  See for more information.