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NGYFA News - Sun, Mar. 15, 2015

The third Atlanta Falcons Heads Up Football Clinic of 2015 took place at Fannin County High School in Blue Ridge.  The clinic included 92 parents in attendance during the Parent Informational Session and 183 youth participants.  (Photos attached)  This was the largest turnout among parents and youth of the Spring 2015 Heads Up Football Clinic Tour.  There were several children and parents who attended from the surrounding counties.

While a good time was had by all of the players there was no shortage of enjoyment from the parents in attendance:

"The Parent Informational Session is one of the best things any parent can go to who has a child that wants to play football. Not only do the speakers know what they're talking about, but you can ask questions and they'll help in any way. It really helps to learn from someone, like Buddy Curry, who has played and been through it before. I would strongly urge any parent to go attend one of these sessions. It is not a waste of their time."

Thoughts on the Heads Up Football Clinic:

"I would strongly advise anybody whose child wants to play football to come out to these clinics because their kids will be learning from professionals and they'll be learning the right way to practice.  Any time you are dealing with a sport like this, to learn the right way to do it is by far the best way to do it."


"This football clinic was great for the kids!  Having real leaders the kids can look up to and learn from -- look, they are actually paying attention, and applying what they are learning.   It's awesome, and so great for the community!

Alanna Flanagan


1st time football player -9 yr

Fannin County Rec Dept.


"What a great way to pull the community together!"   Opportunities like this let kids try a new team sport, and opens a door --- as well as  gives kids confidence.   It's  great to see the former NFL players out there, as role models , showing the kids that if you dream big, anything is possible!   My son wanted to play since he was 3. Thanks, Atlanta Falcons, for coming out here and hosting this  free clinic, and allowing the kids to experience being part of NFL.

I guarantee you that 95 % of these kids will be wearing these t-shirts at school tomorrow!"

Julie Chancey

Blue Ridge, GA

6 yr son


"This is my son's favorite sport-- he would play all year round, if he could."  My advice to new football Moms is to "be ready for 1st big hit"--and the rest is all down hill.    This clinic was a great opportunity for these children, in our small community… thank you, Atlanta Falcons, they are having a blast!

Tina Hayes

8 year old son, Zachary

Copper Hill


"Tonight's clinic will give my son the opportunity to learn new skills and fundamentals, watching him out there playing w friends -- he is having a blast.   I was a nervous wreck, when he first started playing but I learned very quickly--- When in doubt, pull him out!  Thank you for coming to our community--hope you will be here next year!

Julie Falls

8 yrs old

Copper Hill


"I told my son that he could not play football for several years, finally, I said yes this year… he really wanted to play, so I didn't want him to miss out --He's 8 yrs old this year.   Of course, I still have some apprehension, but it's events like these that put me at easy a bit, seeing the knowledge he's gained and the experience he's gained through these type of events about football. 

My son knew nothing about Football last season, so he's made great strides.  I really like the benefits of sports-- so I think apprehension can be a good thing to help us parents  stay on our toes, too -- so son or daughter more prepared. "

"Thank you Atlanta Falcons for bringing this event to Blue Ridge --

not only are we all learning about football safety and standards, quite honestly, the clinic is a motivator to the community as well.  The kids look up to the NFL players, they get to learn tips directly from them, an experience you really can't get anywhere else--these NFL players have been there and done it -- and the kids really listen to them!

Maureen Bloch


8 yr old

Fannin County Rec Dept.