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LSU players wearing Brain Sentry devices engage in Spring practice
NGYFA News - Tue, Apr. 22, 2014

As the game of football has changed over the years so has the technology associated with it- especially the last 3-5 years. Many people are aware of the advancements in helmet technology but a new tool that attaches to the helmet is making headway in the safety game.

In 2014 the NGYFA is partnering with Brain Sentry, a relatively new business out of Bethesda, Maryland, to make their technology available at a reduced rate to all NGYFA players.

The Brain Sentry technology has already been adopted by the University of Alabama, LSU, Arizona and several other smaller schools. To date Brain Sentry is the official provider for leagues home to more than 30,000 youth football players.

Through a triaxial acceleration monitor the NOCSAE approved product works to both count and measure the quantity and quality of impacts to a player's helmet over the course of a practice, game and season. The device is entirely self-contained and battery life has been both lab and field tested to be a year or more.

If a player sustains a blow over the device threshold a flashing light pulsates on the back of the device indicating that a coach, parent or trainer should check the athlete for signs of a concussion. If a subsequent blow of equal or greater proportion is encountered the light will blink more quickly indicating greater urgency.

"Brain Sentry has developed an innovative helmet-mounted device that alerts coaches when an athlete suffers a potentially dangerous impact," said Brain Sentry representative, Mike Edison. "We help coaches identify players that should be evaluated for concussion. Our goal is to help prevent further injury…"

While the device carries a $65 retail price tag the NGYFA has negotiated an agreement that makes the devices available to every player for $50. "This is a win-win for the NGYFA and Brain Sentry," said NGYFA Commissioner, Colton Green. "Our goal is to continue educating parents and coaches on how they can make the game safer for their player. Brain Sentry wants to work with youth leagues like us and this year we both hope to maximize the relationship."

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